An extremely fine Chinese part tea service

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 superbly decorated in the atelier of James Giles with a bird perched in fruiting branches with  peaches, pears, plums, cherries, pomegranates, grapes and an assortment of other summer fruits, with a gilded dog-tooth border on the rims.       


It is extremely rare to find a Giles decorated service of Chinese porcelain so complete.

Provenance: American Private Collection.
A Chinese teabowl from the ‘Museum of Worcester Porcelain’, painted in the same pattern of this service is illustrated by Stephen Hanscombe in ‘The Early James Giles and his Contemporary London Decorators’ plate 72.

Tea Caddy & Cover
Covered Cream Jug
Spoon Tray
Saucer dish
5 Teabowls & Saucers

Stock number: 10438